Butyl Acetate

Butyl Acetate


Solvent in nitrocellulose lacquers, leather dressings, perfumes, flavoring extracts; Solvent for natural gums & synthetic resins; dehydrating agent.

Product Description

The product corresponds to brand A.

The product indicated in the present certificate corresponds to quiality standards of Russian federation and can shipped for export.

Properties: colorless liquid, fruity odor. Soluble in alcohol, ether & hydrocarbons slighty soluble in water.

Product Information

Empirical Formula:CH3COOCH2CH2CH2CH3


Chemical & Physical properties

Quality PerformancesStandard RequirementsActual Performances
AppearanceTransparent liquid substance without mechanical impuritiesSatisfies
Chromaticity, units of Hasen, max.10Satisfies
Density at 20oC, g/cm30.880 – 0.8820.882
Weight fraction of base substance, %, min.99.5099.9
Weight fraction of acids in terms of acetic acid, %, max.0.0050.003
Weight fraction of fixed residue, %, max.0.0020.001
Temperature range of distillation at pressure 760 mm Hg: 95% (by volume) of product should be distilled off within temperature range, oC122 – 127126 – 127
Weight fraction of water, %, max.0.080.02
Relative volatility (by ethyl ether)8 – 1312


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