Polycarbonate | PC-008

PC-008 is production of goods through injection extrusion and injection molding.

Product Description

Production methodMelt polycondensation of diphenylcarbonate and Bisphenol A.

Chemical & Physical properties

Melt flow index (MFI), g/10 min. at load 1.2 kgf and 300oC8.0 +/- 1.0
Melt flow index spread within one batch, %max. All spot samples should correspond to pos. 1
Visible contaminations (impurities) Pcs/100 gmax. 5
Haze, %max. 0.8
Transmittance ratio, %min. 89
Tensile yoeld strength, Mpa min. 60
Elogation at break, %min. 120
Bending stress at max. sample load, Mpamin. 90
Flexural modulus, Mpamin. 2250
Isode impact strength, Kj/m2 min. 75
Compression stress at yield, Mpamin. 76
Vicat softening tempreture, oCmin. 150
Blue and yellowness index
For PC-L
For PC-L1
1.6 – 2.2
1.3 – 1.60.8 – 1.3
Transparency and brightness indexmin. 90


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