Yellow Iron Oxide pigment

Yellow Iron Oxide pigment

Yellow Iron Oxide is used to produce paints and enamels, ceramic, artistic paints, tanning, paper, construction and rubber industries.

Product Description

Products:Yellow iron oxide pigment
Appearance:Yellow Powder.


Product Information

Regulation(EC) No.:1907/2006
REACH Registration No.:01-2119457554-33-0023
EINECS No.:257-098-5, 243-746-4
CAS No.:51274-00-1, 20344-49-4

Physical And Chemical Properties

Indices denominationNorm for grades
Y – 0Y – 1Y – 2
a) Instrumental method of evaluation-total color difference ΔE,
b) Visual method of evaluationWithin tolerances for paste colors, approved samples for each grade.
Iron compounds in terms of Fe2O3, % by wt., min.868584
Water-soluble substances, % by wt., max.
Volatiles, % by wt., max.
pH of water suspension4.5 – 7.04.0 – 7.04.0 – 7.0
Oil absorption, g/100 g of pigment, max.30 – 5035 – 6035 – 60
Coverage potential, g/m2, max.152020
Relative tinting strength, % by wt.,  min.1009595
Dispersibility during 30 minutes, mkm               max.202525
Wet sieving residue on screen 0063 mesh, %, max.
Dry sieving residue on screen 016 mesh, %, max.0.050.05Not rated


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