Titanium Dioxide | R-6628

R-6628 produced by almuminum inorganic and organic surface treated, it has average particle size distribution, good whiteness,  high gloss, good dispersion, good hiding power and high weather resistance, widely used in coating, paints,PVC,  rubber and ink production.

Application: Water-based Coating, Powder coating, Coil Coating,  metal furniture coationg,PVC (pipe, profile),water-based Ink, paper-making.

Product Description

Products:R6628 is a rutile titanium dioxide pigment.
CAS No.:1346367-7

Physical And Chemical Properties

TiO2, content, %93.0
Rutile content, %≥98.0
Brightness, %97.5
Oil absorption, g/100g≤20
Residue on sieve (45μm), %≤0.02
Ph value of aqueseous suspension6.5 ~ 8.5
Oil absorption, (Hegman)≥6.0
Tinting strength g/100g1800


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