Ecopiren® 3.5

Ecopiren® 3.5

Ecopiren® 3.5 is used as flame retardant filler for polymeric materials for archieving for high oxygen index(LoI), and for ensuring of the absorption of smoke and toxic gases. Typical application is HFFR and PVC cable jacking insulation.

Product Description

ProductMagnesium Hydroxide, Produced from selectively mined natural magnesium hydroxide (ground brucite). bymilling and classification.
AppearanceA fine white powder


Chemical & Physical properties

IndicatorSpecificationTypical value
MgO/Mg(OH)264.0 – 92.864.8 – 94.0
CaO, %max. 2.32.1
SiO2, %max. 1.21.2
Fe2O3, %max. 0.130.11
Loose Bulk Density, kg/m3min 300350
Humidity, %max. 0.50.3
Particle size distribution, µm:
Laser granulometry D100.8 – 1.3
Malvern mastersizer D503.0 – 4.0
Sedimentation technique (sedigraph) D9714 – 19
Surface area range, m2/g11 – 13
Whiteness, CIE methodmax 0.5



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