The Lead Oxide

The Lead Oxide


  • In the manufacture of lead yellow lead-molybdate and the chrome pigments, driers, stabilizers of polyvinyl chloride, reinforcement.
  • In the manufacture of rubber products.
  • In the paint industry.
  • In laboratory practice.
  • In the glass industry.

Product Information

Form Release  fine powder of yellow color with different shades. The product is packed in polypropylene bags of 25 kg or bif bags of 1000 kg.
Chemical Formula PbO

Chemical & Physical properties

Indicator Name Brand “G-2”
Mass fraction of lead oxide, %, not less  98.7
Mass fraction of leadt, %, max.  0.50
Mass fraction of lead dioxide, %, not more than  0.2
Mass fraction of iron (Fe), %, not more than  0.005
Mass fraction of substances insoluble in HNO3+H2O2, %, not more  0.04
Mass fraction of water(H2O) and volatile sunstances, %, not more than  0.3
When sfting through a sieve 0063 No., %, Not more  0.5


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