Sumtitan R-206

Titanium Dioxide | R-206

Sumtitan R-206 In coating of various types, among them: water-disprsed paints and primers, highly atmospheric resistance and proccessing high decorative properties coating, various types of paper.

Product description

Appearance:White powder
Surface treatment:SiO2 and Al2O3


Product Information

CAS No.:13463-67-7
EINECS No.:236-675-5
RTECX XR:2275000
EC Requlation No. I 907/2006 (REACH)2119489379-17-0029



Indices denomination and measuring unitsNorm
Titanium Dioxide, % by wt.min 94
Rutile form, % by wt.min 97
Volatiles, % by wt.max 0.5
Water-soluble suspension, % by wt.max 0.2
pH of water suspension6.5 – 8.0
Residue on 0045 sieve, %max 0.005
Bleaching capacity, conventional unitsmin 2000
Coverage potential, g/m2max 25
Dispersibility(dissolver), μm1max 45
Dispersibility(bread mill), μmmax 14
Oil absorption, g/100g of productmax 25
Particles’ size, μm2max 0.4
Light stabilitygood
Whiteness, arbitrary units, min.

Including color coordinates within CIELAB system

min 97
Lmin 98
amin -0.4
bmax 2


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