Sumtitan R-206

Titanium Dioxide R-206

TU U 24.1-05766356-054:2005

Titanium Dioxide, Sumtitan R-206 is used to produce different painwork materials, inclusive painwork material and covering with high optical characteristics, high glaze, good dispersion, high light and weather resistances.


Indices denomination and measuring units Standard
Essential requirements
TiO2 fraction of total mass, %, min. 92
Water-soluble martter, fraction of total mass, %, max. 0.2
Volatiles fraction of total mass, at 105oC drying temperature, %, max. 0.5
pH water suspension 6.5 – 8.0
Residue on 0045 sieve, %, max. 0.01
Whiteness, arbitrary units, min.

Including color coordinates within CIELAB system

Conditional requirements
Rutile form, fraction of total mass, %, min. 97
Bleaching capacity, arbitar unitsm, min. 1950
Hiding power, g/m2, max. 25
Dispersibility, mkm, max. 14
Dispersibility in water medium, droplets, number per cm2, max. Upon agreement with customer
Oil absorption, g/100 g of pigment, max. 25


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