Sumtitan R-2041

Titanium Dioxide Sumtitan R_2041

Sumtitan R-2041 Is characterized by improved dispersibility, high optic properties and advanced atmospheric resistance. Is recommended to produce high quality solventborne and waterborne paints, primers, liners, putties, silicate paints, plaster mortars {incl. cement mortars}, powder coatings for interior applications, epoxy coatings, traffic paints, high-solid paints, printing inks, floor coatings, lineleum, white cement, sealants, adhesives.

Product Information

Appearance White powder
Molecular formula TiO2
Shelf life 12 months
Kind of packaging Valve paper and water soluble paper bags 25 kg each on pallets (net weight 1000 kg), disposable PP containers big-bags (net weight 500 kg and 1000 kg).
Durability period Unlimited
Storage and application conditions Store in original manufacturer’s containers in closed dry warehouses. Avoid acrosol formation when handling. Apply individual respiratory protecting equipment.


Physico-chemical indices
Indices denomination and measuring units Norm
Titanium Dioxide, % by wt, min. 94
Rutile form, % by wt, min. 97
Volatile matter, % bt wt, max. 0.5
Water soluble substances, % by wt, max. 0.2
pH of water suspersion 6.5 – 8.0
Residue on sieve 0045 mesh, %, max. 0.005
Bleaching capacity, conventional units, min. 2050
Coverage potential, g/m2, max. 24
Dispersibility (dissolver), mkm, max. 40
Dispersibility (bead mill), mkm, max. 13
Particle size, mkm, max. 0.35
Whiteness, convertional units, min. 97
Oil absorption, g per 100 g of product, max. 22
Light resistance good
Colour coordinates L, a, b values
L – min. 98
a – min. -0.4
b -max. 1.8
Surface treatment with silicium, aluminium compounds and organic compounds


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