Sumtitan R-204

Titanium Dioxide R-204

TU U 24.1-05766356-054:2005

Titanium Dioxide, Sumtitan R-204  is used to produce water-dispersion enamels and primers, coating with high atmosphere resistance and decorative characteristics.


Indices denomination and measuring unitsStandard
Essential requirements
TiO2 fraction of total mass, %, min.90
Water-soluble martter, fraction of total mass, %, max.0.2
Volatiles fraction of total mass, at 105oC drying temperature, %, max.0.5
pH water suspension6.5 – 8.0
Residue on 0045 sieve, %, max.0.01
Whiteness, arbitrary units, min.

Including color coordinates within CIELAB system

Conditional requirements
Rutile form, fraction of total mass, %, min.97
Bleaching capacity, arbitar unitsm, min.1950
Hiding power, g/m2, max.25
Dispersibility, mkm, max.14
Dispersibility in water medium, droplets, number per cm2, max.Upon agreement with customer
Oil absorption, g/100 g of pigment, max.25


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