Phthalic anhydride

Phthalic anhydride

Phthalic anhydride, grade A is manufactured from ortho-xylene by air catalytic oxidation in gas phrase with vanadium-titanium catalyst. Used in the manufacture of alkyd resins (varnishes, enamels); plasticizers (DOP, DBP etc.); hardner for resins; polyester resins; tyres and technical rubber productsl synthetic of phenolphthalein and other phthaleins, many other dyes; chlorinated products; pharmaceutical intermediates; insecticides; diethyl phthalate; dimethyl phthalate; laboratory reagent.

Chemical & Physical properties

AppearanceWhite flakes and powder or melt Yellowish or pinkish hue admitted.
Mass fraction of phthalic anhydride, , no less99.9
Temperature of crystallization, oC, no less130.9
Mass fraction of iron, %, no more0.0002
Content of phthalic acidAbsent
Mass fraction of malelic anhydride, %, no more0.05
Mass fraction of ash, %, no more0.002
Chromaticity of molten product, hasen units, no more:
In output during guarantee period for powder15
During guarantee period for meltNot normalized
Chromaticity of molten product after heating at 250oC for 90 min. hasen units, no more:
In output during guarantee period for powder40
during guarantee period for meltNot normalized

Product Information

Supply formFlakes of irregular, shape with color ranging form light-yellow to dark-brown.
StorageStorage in packaging in sheltered warehouse at temperature range from +40oC to +40oC. Storage at planned site away from direct sunrise and atmospheric precipitation, or under shed is allowed. Storage together with flammable or spontaneously igniting materials is not allowd.


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