Petroleum Resin

Synthetic Petroleum Resin

TU 24561-089-05766801-99

Garde A is used for production of varnish, construction paints and as a film- forming agent.

Grade B is used as a component in adhesive compositions for footwear industry and as a film-forming agent in production of varnishes and paint.

Chemical & Physical properties

Grade: A Test Method
Softening point, oC, min. 95 – 105 GOST 11506 and Para 4.2 of TU
Lodine scale color, mg J, 2/cm3, max. 25 – 40 GOST 11506 and Para 4.3 of TU
Volatiles mass content, %, max. 0.5 GOST 11506 and Para 4.4 of TU
Acid number, mg KOH/g, max. 3’1’12- Complete GOST 11506 and Para 4.5 of TU
Solubility in double volume of xylene and white spirit 1:1 Total GOST 11506 and Para 4.6 of TU
Compatibility with vegetable oil Total GOST 11506 and Para 4.7 of TU

Product Information

Supply form Flakes of irregular, shape with color ranging form light-yellow to dark-brown.
Storage Storage in packaging in sheltered warehouse at temperature range from +40oC to +40oC. Storage at planned site away from direct sunrise and atmospheric precipitation, or under shed is allowed. Storage together with flammable or spontaneously igniting materials is not allowd.


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