Methylene Chloride

Methylene Chloride


  • In production of chemical fibers, cinema and photo film, plastic and a process solvent in pharmaceuticals.
  • In metallurgic industry, radio engineering for degreasing metal surfaces.
  • In paint and varnish industry as an additive to paints, adhesives.
  • As a foam blowing agent in flexible polyurethane foams production.
  • As a solvent vapor depressant in aerosol applications.
  • As a contributor to reduced flammability.

Product Information

Chemical Name: Dichloromethane
GOST: 9968-86
Empirical Formula: CH2CI2
Molecular Mass: 84.94
CAS Number: 75-09-2
Un: 1590

Chemical & Physical properties

Appearance Transparent colorless liquid without mechanical impurities
Density at 20oC, (G/sm3) 1.326 – 1.328
Water content, %, max. 0.01
Residue on evaporation, %, max. 0.0005
Iron, %, max. 0.0001
Free acid as HCI, %, max. 0.0004
Assay, %, max. 99.7
Organochlorous impurities content, %, max. 0.23
Including chloroform (GC) content, %, max. 0.2


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