Hydrogen Peroxide 35%, 50%

Hydrogen Peroxide 35%, 50


Main Applications:

Bleaching agent in pulp & paper industry.

Bleaching agent in texile industry (cotton, linen, wool etc.)

Metal surface cleaning agent (before electrolytic coating) in machinery.

Raw material for synthetic detergents production (sodium percarbonate & perborate)

Other applications:

Oxidizing, hydroxylating or epoxidizing agent in chemical industry

Product Information

Appearance:Colorless transparent liquid
Chemical Name:Hydrogen peroxide aqueous solution 35%
Synonyms:Hydrogen peroxide, perhydrol.
Empirical Formula:H2O2
CAS No.:7722-84-1
EC No.231-765-0

Chemical & Physical properties

Assay, %35 – 40
Non volatiles content, g/m3, max.0.7
Acetic acid content, g/dm3, max.6.0


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