Gum Rosin

Gum rosin


Hot-melt and pressure-sensitive adhesives, mastics and sealants, varnishes, ester gum, soldering compounds, core oils, insulating compounds, soaps, paper sizing, printing i n k s, polyesters (formed by reaction of the conjugated acids of rosin with acrylic acid, followed by reaction with a glycol.)

Gum rosin GOST 19113-84 meant for usage in production of synthetic rubber, in pulp and paper, tyre, rubber and varnish-and paint industry.

Product Information

Appearance:Yellow to brown
General Formula:C19H29COOH


Chemical & Physical properties

Coloring powerX, WW, WG
Fraction of total mass of water, %, no more0.2
Fraction of total mass of ash, %, no more0.03 – 0.04
Fraction of total mass of mechanical impurities, %, no more0.03 – 0.04
Softening temperature,o CNot less than 0.20%
Acidity index KON onto 1g of product166 – 169


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