Ethyl Acetate

Ethyl Acetate


Used in Manufacture of acetone and its derivatives, manufacture of glycerol and isopropyl acetate, solvent for essential and other oils, alkaloids, gums, resins, etc.; latent solvent for cellulose derivatives, coatings solvent, deicing agent for liquid fuels, lacquers, extraction processes, dehydrating agent, preservative, lotions, denaturant.

Product Information



Chemical & Physical properties

AppearanceA colorless transparent liquid without mechanical impurities
Density at 20oC, (G/sm3)0.785 – 0.786
Part by mass of isopropyl alcohol, %, max.99.7
Part by mass of the acid on conversion to the acetic acid, %, max.0.0007
Part by mass of sulfuric compounds on conversion to the sulfur, %, max.0.00005
The bromine number (1G of bromine with 100 G of alcohol)0.006
Part by mass of the carbon compounds on conversion CO, %, max.It is not determined


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