Copper Sulfate

Copper Sulfate



For fighting protection against diseases of fuiters, grapevines and fruit bushes.

In metallurgy – for draw plate lubrication.

In metal finishing for elevtroplating of metalls ith copper.

in reservoirs, pools, rice checks, as an algaecide.

Against fungal diseases of wood.

For treatment of walls and ceillings before whitewashing.

For wood inpregnation as a fire-retardant.

For manufacturing of synthetic fibres, organic dyes and mineral paints.

In livestock feed as a mineral additives in feed blends.

Product Information

Appearance: Powder of green color
Type:  belong to inorganic compounds as the reduction process of dichromate solutions goes with the help of sulfur dioxide (sulfurous gas).

Chemical & Physical properties

Basic Substance Content CuSO4 x 5H2O Not less than 99,1%
Copper content Not less than 25,22%
Basic Substance Content Not less than 99,1%
Iron Content Not less than 0.02%
Free sulphuric acid content Not less than 0.20%
Insoluble residues Not less than 0.03%
Arsenic Content Not less than 0.002%


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