Copper II Lead II Oxide

Copper II Lead II Oxide-Phthalate <Clean>


  • For carrying out scientifically-research works as a  catalyst.

Product Description

Form Release Fine powder turquoise or green in color, insolublr in water, alcohol, benzene, acetone, chloroform, soluble in acetic acid, in dilute mineral acids. The products is packed in Kraft bags ith polyethylene liner 5 kg or soft containers of 300-400 kg.
Specification TU 6-09-17-302-94

Chemical & Physical properties

Quality indicators Copper II lead II oxide- phthalate, “clean”
Mass fraction of copper (Cu), (in terms pf dry product), %, in the range 13.5 – 14.5
Mass fraction of lead (Pb), (in terms of dry product), %, in the range 45 – 46
Mass fraction of water (H2O), %, not more 3.0
Mass fraction of substances soluble in water, %, not more than 120
Mass fraction of residue when sieving through a sieve 01, %, not more than 0.2


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