• Raw material for manufacturing of methyl methacrylate applied mainly in production of organic glass;
  • solvent for cellulose acetate specially as spinning and nitrocellulose;
  • Raw material for production of Bisphenol-A (polycarbonate, Epoxy resins), Methyl isobutyl ketone and Methyl isobutyl Carbinol, Isophorone (coating);
  • In pharmanceuticlas;
  • Solvent for paint, varnish and lacquer;
  • Solvent for ptassium ioddie and permanganate;
  • To clean and dry parts of precision equipment;
  • Delusterant for cellulose acetone fibers;
  • Specification testing of vulcanized rubber products;
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Product Description

Chemical Name:2-Propanone
Empirical Formula:CH3COCH3


Chemical & Physical properties

Properties:Premium 0KP 2418110110Grade I 0KP 2418110130Grade II 0KP 2418110140
AppearanceClear colorless liquidClear colorless liquidClear colorless liquid
Mass content of acetone, %, not less99.7599.599
Density, p Я41g/cm30.789 – 0.7910.789 – 0.7910.789 – 0.792
Mass content of Water, %, not more0.20.50.8
Mass fraction of methyl alcohol, %, not more0.050.05Not applicate
Mass fraction of adds as defined by acetic acid, %, not more0.0010.0020.003
Resistance to oxidation by potassium permanganate, hrs, not more420.75


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